Hereford River Carnival 2023

The Hereford River Carnival and the Hereford Indie Food Festival were both held over the recent August Bank Holiday weekend (26th - 28th August 2023). Lots of stalls, food and music to suit everyone's taste.

We popped over to the River Carnival on Friday night (25th) to see the lighted floats ...

Photo 1: River floats outside Hereford Rowing Club ready for the off

... and listen to some music on the King George V Playing Fields.

We returned on Saturday (26th), as Mary was playing in Bandemonium, to have a look around all the stalls and listen to more music! Standing on the Old Bridge, we watched the floats drift by ...

Photo 2: Five Floats Afloating

... then another one ...

Photo 3: Float No 6

... and another one ...

Photo 4: No 7

... and another one ...

Photo 5: No 8

... and still more ...

Photo 6: The Ninth One

... and, finally, the tenth and last float ...

Photo 7: Bringing up the rear

All in all, an impressive display of creativity and rivercraft.

While the River Carnival was geared more towards families and the older generation, the Indie Food Festival was definitely targetted at the Millenial and the early Gen Z groups. Plenty of food and drink with music and DJ sets to keep them fed, watered, and entertained. We popped in on the Monday afternoon and it was certainly lively.

A great weekend in Hereford with something for everyone.


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