While visiting Westonbirt Arboretum, we spent a pleasant, damp, morning looking around Malmesbury. Depending on your worldview, you may have heard of Malmesbury because of this ...

King Æhelstan's tomb, Malmesbury Abbey

... or this ...

Dyson hoover/vacuum cleaner

The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology was set up by James Dyson and is located on the outskirts of Malmesbury It offers sandwich degree courses in engineering and technology. While Dyson has moved its head office to Singapore and its manufacturing to Malaysia, it maintains its R&D centre in Malmesbury.

Some 1200 years BD (before Dyson), Æthelstan was King of the Anglo-Saxons and his final resting place is Malmesbury Abbey. 

Malmesbury Abbey's impressive entrance

Some interesting artwork ...

Wonder by Tom Lawton

... illuminated bibles, very friendly and knowledgeable guides, and nice tea and cakes in the cafe.

Make sure you also visit the small but excellent Æthelstan Museum in the centre of Malmesbury where you can learn about St Aldheim and the history of the town as well as view the JMW Turner watercolour of Malmesbury Abbey.

We had parked up in the Station Road car park and headed off on the river walk before ending up at the Abbey and Museum. The walk started with a footpath through the Conygre Mead Nature Reserve where we came upon this lockdown project ...

Lockdown Project by Graham?

... which if you can hang around for 10-15 minutes will provide some animated action ...

Additional sound effects are provided by Mary!

The river walk included urban and rural parts, was a little muddy in places and we had to shelter under the umbrella a couple of times. On the plus side was this rainbow ...

Rainbow seen on Malmesbury River Walk

Despite the inclement weather, a very enjoyable 3 hours spent in and around Malmesbury.


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