Aberporth Bonfire and Fireworks Display

 We have just returned from a short break in Aberporth, Ceredigion, Wales. Our stay at the Highcliffe Hotel (highly recommended) coincided with the annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display on Sunday 30th October 2022.

Aberporth Fireworks - October 2022

Guy Fawkes (aka Bonfire) Night is traditionally observed on the 5th November though it is often moved to the nearest weekend, especially if celebrated as a community event. New Quay, just along the coast, had their celebration the previous night. Schools were closed the following week (half-term holiday in Wales) so it made sense to have the fireworks and bonfire early.

The bonfire and fireworks took place on the beach - providing two excellent vantage points on either side. The best 'guy' in the Guy Fawkes competition was destined to go up in flames atop the bonfire. Here, he enjoys a quiet moment on a bench looking out over the scene of his future demise ...

'Guy Fawkes' looking over the bonfire and firework preparations

We took up our place on the western side of the bay, opposite the resting 'Guy Fawkes', where there were various stalls supplying BBQ, cakes, and hot & cold drinks. The bonfire was lit exactly on time at 6.30 pm ...

Aberporth Bonfire - October 30th 2022

... in the photograph you can see the fireworks preparations on the left hand side while the video below shows the bonfire about 10 seconds after lighting (I suspect a propellant of some sort was used):

We met one of the fireworks organisers during the day while they were setting everything up. He said they had spent a little over £3000 on the fireworks and they would last 18 minutes. Precisely on time, at 7 pm, the first firework was lit ...

The fireworks begin

Followed by exactly 18 minutes of impressive fireworks ...

The weather during our stay was typically Welsh - a medley of sunshine, rain and wind. Fortunately, the wind and rain held off and the clear night sky made a wonderful backdrop for the fireworks display.

On the day of the fireworks, along coastal path between Aberporth and Tresaith, we spotted bottlenose dolphins and diving gannets feeding on whatever fish had swum, or been herded, into the bay by the dolphins. The day before we visited Cardigan, a delightful town, and the Cardigan Island Coastal Farm where we saw Atlantic Grey seals in the water. No whales but at least some of the boxes ticked off!

While in Cardigan, we stopped for a coffee/pot of tea at Stiwdio3 (nice drinks and friendly staff) where the giant cardigan, knitted to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the town, was on display ...

The Giant Cardigan of Cardigan

... visited the Cardigan Music Centre, where you can view an eclectic mixture of musical instruments, and the nearby St Dogmaels Abbey - we bought some stoneground flour from the village watermill.


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