The Underrated Radish

Harvesting radishes from my Salad/Veg Planter, I came across this whopper weighing 133 g...

Scarlet Globe Radish - Size XL

...the empty 1 lb (450g) peanut butter jar gives a visual indication of size.

The radish is probably the easiest vegetable to grow - the seeds are easy to handle and the plant grows quickly. It is widely used as a catch crop maturing quickly between slower-growing vegetables. Seed packets contain hundreds, if not thousands, of seeds and remain viable for many years. They are ideal for successional sowing for a long harvesting season.

High in vitamins and essential minerals & a good source of fibre, they can be eaten raw or cooked and will spice up any dish. There is a wide choice of radish-types so just find one you like and sow little and often. Scarlet Globe and French Breakfast are both excellent. 


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