Storing Onions

Back in August 2021, I harvested our maincrop of red (Red Baron) and white (Cupido) onions. The onions were 'cured' on wire racks in an outhouse. In November, before any frosts, the onions were transferred to the house cellar (temperature range 10-15 ℃) to store over winter. I tied bunches of four to six onions together and hung the bunches over a wooden batten slung between two shelves. This ensured a good airflow around the onions for long-term storage.

Nine months later, on the first of June 2022, I still had these onions left...

Onions after 9 Months of Storage

One or two onions had gone off (predominantly the red-type) and a few had sprouted but, overall, >95%  had stored well. Some onions were processed (peeled & chopped) and frozen for future use, while these remaining bulbs will see us through to the end of June at least. That means the onion crop from a 6 ㎡ plot (2 m by 3 m) provided nearly a full year's supply of these versatile vegetables.

This year's (2022) crop is coming along nicely...

2022 Onion Patch (Garlic in the background)

...such that, we may never have to buy an onion from the supermarket again!


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