First Garden Strawberries (2022)

 First strawberries from the garden in 2022 and a full month before the Wimbledon Championships. Mind you, the weather is cool wet and windy at the moment and not suitable for tennis or butterflies.   

First Strawberry Crop (2022)

I find strawberries easy to grow but we never seem to get a bumper harvest because we have to share them with the birds, slugs/snails, woodlice, etc. At the moment I'm growing them using Wonderwall planters to (i) maximise space usage in the kitchen garden, and (ii) make the fruits less accessible to slugs and snails, even though the climbing abilities of these gastropods are legendary.

Strawberries in Wonderwall Planters (25/5/22)

I still have a problem with birds, mainly blackbirds to be fair, who enjoy the ripe fruit. So I will probably have to net the plants at some point. In the meantime, I'll continue to pick the fruits before they are fully ripe and finish the job on a sunny windowsill.


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