First Butterfly of 2022


We have just returned from a short holiday near Chepstow having passed through the Forest of Dean on our way there. One of our stops was at Cannop Ponds; two pre-1830 ponds built to supply water to a waterwheel at Parkend Ironworks

14th March 2022 was a warm sunny day; in fact the warmest March day so far in 2022 at 16 ℃. Mary spotted a butterfly fluttering by. Fortunately, it landed on a nearby stone where it stayed for sometime warming itself in the sunshine. I took a quick snap on the camera phone (above) while Mary stealthily crept closer to get this much better photo on her phone...

...a Comma. These butterflies hibernate so it was not unusual to see it in its natural habitat (open woodlands and wood edges) at this time of year.

Last year (2021), we spotted our first garden butterfly (a Peacock) on 21st March in the polytunnel.


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