Bee Rescue

 What do you do when you find a bee trapped in a spider's web? If it is alive and buzzing, and you are Mary, then you don't call International Rescue but quickly find a couple of sticks with which to extricate the stricken insect from its sticky trap and place it on the operating table or, in this case, a nearby plant pot filled with soil (and plant!?)

Then carefully, very carefully, you start to remove the web entangling the queen bumblebee in order to free its legs and wings. At the moment, there are quite a few queens in the garden, fattening themselves up ready for their winter diapause ('hibernation').

It proves to be a delicate and time-consuming task because the bee is constantly trying to free itself. In the end, one last break in a web strand and the bee is able to wriggle free and fly away.

No animal was hurt in the recording of this rescue, unless you count the spider who lost his dinner.


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