What's Flowering in the Garden (4/2/21)

 It is early February 2021; I thought I would have a walk around with my camera phone to record which plants are flowering at this time of year. 

In the front wall the pansies are putting on a colourful display along with a yellow wallflower.

In the main garden there are snowdrops and  cyclamen as you would expect in late winter.

Sarcococca is a winter flowering member of the Box family. The flowers are delicate but their perfume is strong and exquisite and can be smelt from some distance away. Coronilla is a vetch with prettier flowers but a less intense aroma.

The final quartet of flowering plants are viburnum, a mauve perennial wallflower, a white hellebore (Christmas Rose) and primrose (although Mary says the primrose is actually flowering!).


Tulips and daffodils are breaking through so we hope for a good display from late February onwards.


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