Honey Fungus


Unfortunately, it appears I may have a honey fungus issue with my old redcurrant bush. The bush is about 15 years old and situated close to a north facing wall. Redcurrant bushes don't seem to mind too much whether they are in a shady or sunny position. It has been a prolific source of redcurrants over the years.

The bush will have to come out along with as much root stock and surrounding soil as I can mange and disposed of as general waste. There is no treatment and the infected plant material should not be composted. I will not be planting anything in its place for a few years and may have to consider alternatives that are less susceptible to honey fungus infestation.

The ground will not go to waste, however, as I shall use it to grow celery and celeriac in my Greenhouse Sensation Salad & Veg Planters.


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