Have You Seen the Price of Zucchinis?

 I got a bit of a shock last week when I saw the price of courgettes in our local Sainsbury's supermarket.

Figure 1: The Price of Courgettes (June 14th 2024)

The country of origin was stated as Morocco, Spain and United Kingdom - it must have been a helluva big courgette! Moreover, the courgette shelves were exceedingly bare though I've not heard anything about a shortage.

Fortunately, home-grown courgettes are now available from my kitchen garden. The first one was picked on June 13th and was slightly oversized (555 g) due to it being hidden under the leaves of the zucchini plant.

Photo 1: First of this Season's Zucchinis (June 13th 2024)

I picked another one the following day (14th June), just a tiddler by comparison, ...

Photo 2: Second of this Season's Zucchinis (June 14th 2024)

Based on the Sainsbury's price (Figure 1), the first two courgettes of the season are worth £2.10 which is about the cost of a packet of courgette seeds ...

Figure 2: Cost of Zucchini Seeds (June 14th 2024)

All future courgette produce is pure profit.

We do eat a lot of zucchinis - they form the base of my Vitamix soups, as well as being a key ingredient in curries, stews, casseroles and pasta sauces. Also nice as a side vegetable sauteed with apple, onion and tomato.


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