The Elusive Hare


Photo 1: The Elusive Hare (7th May 2024, Herefordshire)

On previous expeditions to see hares, we have been less than successful; in fact totally unsuccessful. Today (7/5/24) while Mary (with my assistance) was doing a bird survey for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) we saw three! It was an early start getting up at 6am and arriving at the survey site to the north east of Hereford just after 7am. Mary soon spotted two hares running up and down alongside a field hedge about 100-150 metres away.

Later on, around 8am, I spotted the specimen above about 50 metres away. Fortunately, it remained stationary long enough to take a picture (Photo 1).

Although the day had started a little dull, it soon brightened up into a warm sunny morning requiring the removal of some clothing layers.

Photo 2: Mary walking down cowslip lane

We saw an inordinately large number of wood pigeons and there were also mallards aplenty. A single magpie but multiples of wrens, blackbirds, robins, chaffinches, crows and pheasants. On a previous reconnoitre visit we had seen goldfinch, buzzard and red kite - but alas not this time.

We need to pay this site another visit in about 6 weeks time to complete this year's survey. If the weather and company are similarly pleasant, it will be another thoroughly enjoyable morning.

Photo 3: Hare in the Meadow (enlarged)

Photo 4: Hare in the Meadow (enlarged)


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