Red Admiral Butterflies

After spotting only the occasional red admiral butterfly over the summer months, they seem to be everywhere and very populous in October. This specimen was seen in the Kitchen Garden on the 13th of October.

Photo 1: Red Admiral, Kitchen Garden, 13th October 2023

I suspect the recent hot weather in September and the beginning of October has resulted in this sudden mass emergence (see Figure 1 for the red admiral lifecycle chart).

Figure 1: Red Admiral Lifecycle (© Butterfly Conservation)

We also spotted lots on our recent visit to Kelmscott Manor on the 7th of October ...

Photo 2: Red Admiral on Ivy, Kelmscott Manor (7/10/23)

In the short clip below (Video 1), a recently-emerged butterfly is drying out on a sunny south-facing wall at Kelmscott Manor ...

Video 1: Red Admiral on Sunny Wall, Kelmscott Manor, 7th October 2023

We counted at least fourteen Red Admirals at one time on this ivy-covered wall. There are at least seven in the photo below (Photo 2):

Photo 2: Spot the Red Admiral Butterfly Competition

... or you could try finding the four red admirals and a ladybird in the next photo (Photo 3):

Photo 3: Four Red Admirals and a Ladybird, Kelmscott Manor

 And finally, a close-up of a Red Admiral on Redcurrant Bush in the Kitchen Garden ...

Photo 4: Red Admiral on Currant Bush, 13th October 2023

Late News: Man rescues butterfly trapped in polytunnel. Both doing well!

Photo 5: Red Admiral before Rescue


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