Guernsey Lily


Back in 2015, we spent a couple of weeks exploring the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The first week was spent camping with friends from London and the second week with some old friends we'd met in Swansea but who had returned to live on the island of their birth. It did mean we had the best guides on the island!

One of the mementoes we brought back were some Guernsey Lilies (Nerine sarniensis) given to us by a local breeder (and brother-in-law of our friend). A bulbous perennial originally from South Africa, the dormant bulb spends most of its time in our frost-free greenhouse and only comes out at this time of year when it is in flower. Fortunately, the flowers do last for a month or so. This year only one of our plants has flowered; the others have produced leaf so hopefully will flower next year.

Both pictures (taken with a Moto G Play) are of the same flower which is definitely orange in colour!

Guernsey is a great place to visit though much of its history is based around the German occupation in WWII. Lots of great walks and if you go in August, as we did, plenty of local fetes to visit. We took boat trips out to Herm and Sark but did not manage to get out to Alderney.


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