Butterfly Season


Tis the season for butterflies in Herefordshire - July and August - this fine specimen of a Small Tortoiseshell was spotted on a blackcurrant bush in the Kitchen Garden on June 30th.

small tortoiseshell

 There were earlier, mostly single, sightings such as the overwintered Peacock in March as well as Holly Blue (end of April), Small, Large & Green-Veined Whites (May), Orange-Tip & Speckled Wood (end April/beginning of May). On the same day this Small Tortoiseshell was sighted, we also saw Red Admiral and Comma butterflies. As the weather warms we hope to see greater numbers of butterflies in the garden.

This brings me to the main point of this post - The Big Butterfly Count organised by Butterfly Conservation. This starts on Friday 16th July and runs for 3 weeks. No matter where you are, just spend 15 minutes in the sunshine counting the number and type of butterflies (and day-flying moths) you see and then send in your report. Go to the website to download the app and an identification guide. This is a great citizen science project. Good Luck!



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