Lockdown Projects - Painting

For a long time I thought about painting some murals on the kitchen walls. They would be long and narrow to fit the space and depict scenery appropriate to the direction they were facing.

I decided two paintings would be sufficient otherwise the space might become a bit claustrophobic. Hay Bluff was painted on the west-facing wall and the Malvern Hills on the eastward-facing wall. These are two lovely areas for walking with glorious views of the surrounding countryside; two of our favourites in fact. Hay Bluff is particularly interesting because views of it pop up as you drive in and out of Hereford. One day I was travelling home westwards and there was a particularly glorious sunset...

Lanscape, mural, painting, kites, hay bluff
Hay Bluff viewed from Hereford

Red kites managed to hang on in Wales after they had disappeared from England and Scotland. From very low numbers they have now recovered thanks to the efforts of dedicated landowners, farmers and conservation experts with help from the British Trust for Ornithology and the RSPB. Red kites are becoming more and more common in Herefordshire. Gigrin Farm is an excellent place to see these magnificent birds close-up.

The Malvern Hills have a characteristic profile that can be seen from over 50 miles away. Geologically interesting, the rocks are among the oldest and hardest found in England. Ravens are often seen so my painting (below) includes three of them swooping over the hills. The Worcestershire Beacon is on the left and the Herefordshire Beacon on the right is the site of an iron age camp with earthworks.

Ravens over the Malvern Hills viewed from Herefordshire

A neighbour was clearing out their garage and asked if we had any use of an old cupboard door, approximately 75 centimetres square. Firewood was one option but an art work for the garden was a much better idea. This painting depicts some of the birds that have visited the garden. Unfortunately, we have a lot of resident cats who keep the bird population in check but we still get a reasonable variety for a city garden. Can you identify the birds? Located in the Kitchen Garden but still visible from the house.


Birds seen from the Kitchen Garden

More projects to follow.



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