The 'Aviary'

About a year ago (early 2019) I knitted a thrush from this lovely book:

Knitted Birds by Nicky Fijalkowska

This year he has been joined by several friends, also from the book and there are some more to come. 

The hoopoe is a bit exotic but they have been seen in Herefordshire.

So far then - thrush, magpie, sparrow, barn owl, hoopoe, tufted duck.

Look out for a robin, blue tit, woodpecker and maybe a nuthatch (but I’ll have to make that one up, it isn’t in the book!)

The guitar is one I’ve played in Bandemonium for over 12 years. It got damaged, scratched, worn and I got a new one but couldn’t bear to get rid of this one. It’s now got a new life and I like it on the wall.


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